About ProtectMyBiz

About ProtectMyBiz

ProtectMyBiz is a service of Gatewood Technologies. It exists to provide DIY information for building essential CyberSecurity for your communications and data protection.

We have expertise and strong experience in the following areas:

  • Security+ certification
  • HIPPA training
  • Regulatory experience
  • Real-world LAN, SAN, WAN Network engineering experience
  • Hands on data protection including data encrytion
  • Hundreds of hours of eCommerce and software security design
  • Cyber attack prevention and remediation expertise


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. If you need professional services or help implimenting any of our DIY Cyber Protect projects, visit http://www.gatewoodtech.com or call (210) 960-1442.



Jon F. Ellis, Founder and Owner